Manuka Honey, by Wedderspoon

If you haven’t already figured it out, we love living healthy, holistic lifestyles. We will choose the organic fruits over the conventional, purchase the gluten free frozen pizza on cheat days, and prefer to use chemical-free, natural skincare and beauty products. We think it is important to know the ingredients we are putting in and on our bodies. This is why we love discovering new brands with products that will further enhance and extend our lives.

Manuka honey is the best, most health beneficial honey in the world and Wedderspoon has made incorporating it into your life that much easier. With a diverse array of health and beauty products, as well as a selection of different types of honeys, this New Zealand-based company loves all things raw manuka honey.

The Benefits

  • Soothes low acid reflux and small intestine ailments
  • Cures acne and eczema
  • Cures staph infections
  • Improves wound healing (including burns and ulcers)
  • Helps stop and prevent tooth decay and cure gingivitis
  • Soothes sore throats and improves immunity
  • Provides allergy relief
  • Improves skin tone and texture (gives a healthy, youthful glow)
  • Promotes deep, restful sleep

The Honeys

While Wedderspoon is best known for its raw manuka honey, they also sell a range of naturally sourced honeys from Wild Rata and Wild Dandelion to Beechwood and Fir. The gourmet gift set is a great way to introduce yourself or a loved one to Wedderspoon and the amazing health benefits of honey.

Considering all the benefits of manuka, it is definitely our favorite and we have been putting some in our lavender and chamomile tea each night. It acts as a natural sweetener, while also helping us get a better night’s sleep. You can also take your Wedderspoon manuka honey with you anywhere, or keep a stash at work, with their portable, individual honey packets.

Honey in Beauty & Health

Wedderspoon understands that manuka honey can help our complexion and better our immune systems. Their night cream – made with manuka honey, bee venom and rosehip oil – works while you sleep. This means you wake up with well-rested, youthful, glowing skin thanks to enhanced elasticity, firmness and protection against environmental stressors. It is thick, luxurious, moisturizing and smells incredible.

To combat chapped, unkissable lips, Wedderspoon developed three nourishing lip balms. In creative options – peppermint, lavender lemon, coconut lime – its either a cooling, calming or tropical experience.

Additionally, fighting colds this January has been quite the feat for both of us. The manuka honey drops are a great cough drop substitute. Containing all of the benefits of raw manuka honey, as well as lemon, ginger or eucalyptus. Delicious and very effective, we felt relief immediately. They felt more like a treat than a reminder of how terribly sick we were.

Essentially, we think everyone should go on the Wedderspoon site and give their products a look and try. You won’t be disappointed by the diversity or effectiveness of their selection, we promise!

xx Sarah Elle & Adriana Jeannette

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